How to find property for sale in Birmingham

If you're ready to find a new home, one of the first decisions you should make is whether to buy or to rent. This will largely depend on your personal circumstances – e.g.

  • whether you intend on living there long term
  • whether you plan on letting it out as an investment
  • whether you can secure the necessary finance.

When you're looking to find a property in Birmingham there is an abundance of choice, which you can browse online at Using the search function you'll find the inner city areas provide a variety of smart, new apartments while the area's 32 boroughs offer everything from pleasant, commutable suburbia to relatively rural areas.

Property for sale in Birmingham

Like many other urban areas, this city's grey and dirty industrial past is long gone and in its place sits a vibrant scene that's undergone intense regeneration. Apartments for sale come in all shapes and sizes, and it is more than a possibility to grab a bargain with flats available to buy under £100,000. At the other end of the scale the area boasts the fashionable area of Edgbaston at the southern end of the city. This area is a leafy and wealthy suburb where the region's most impressive and expensive properties can be found.

Property to rent in Birmingham

If you're looking to rent property, you'll find a thriving sector. Good flats, close to the city are snapped up quickly, so be prepared to move fast if you find your perfect pad. You can expect to pay prices from £500 a month for a studio apartment in this city's new blocks, with costs rising for more bedrooms, balconies and increased living space. Whether you plan to buy or rent, the second largest city in the United Kingdom is an exciting place to live, with a wealth of living spaces from which to choose.